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I am an eighteen year old undergraduate student who, like so many other people during their freshman year of college, felt incredibly out of place. I transferred universities after my first semester, joined a sorority which I quickly discovered was not for me, and floated amongst different friend groups because nothing ever really clicked. It did not take long for me to realize that the whole college experience and I did not mesh well.

I have a genuine love for education, but I also did online school from 3rd grade until the end of high school so I was by no means raised to think that a good education meant you had to give up your freedom. This type of thinking encouraged me to find a way in which I could receive a high quality education whilst still being able to see the world. (Spoiler Alert: I found a way)

I decided to create this blog as a sort of reminder to me and a source of hope for others that missing out on the "college experience" is not a big deal when your own college experience can unfold around the globe.